terminal application launcher
for Linux written on Python3

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Ubuntu version

Drydock has the version configured
specially for Ubuntu 20.04.
All the default GUI apps are in.

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What is Drydock:

Config easy

It’s very easy to customize Drydock according one’s own needs and tasks. To customize it just configure text file drydock.cfg lying in the application folder.

By default Drydock offers max 45 applications or scripts to be launched. Five items max are in each of 9 tabs. User opens the tabs pressing keys from F1 to F9 and then launches the item pressing numbers from 1 to 5.

So in drydock.cfg one sees the records containing the names of tabs, the names of apps/scripts and the scripts themselves. It’s easy to get looking on picture.

What for I've done that?

I’m sure that old laptop is not similar that bad laptop. The old could be good old. So I have ten years old Packard Bell Easynote NJ 65 with Pentium inside & 2GB of RAM. And it’s still good enough for me. It still works fine because there’s no bad hardware… There’re a lot of heavyweight software that require too much. The solution is to use lightweight software & lightweight OS, like my Bodhi Linux 5.1.

My aims were:
— to speedify the apps/tools launch process;
— to automatize bunch of routine operations I use to do each time I launch my laptop;

So I solve both problems with my own application Drydock. I launch it with hotkey & can easily alter it with simple configuration file.

Written by bileyg | 2020 Saint-Petersburg Russia

Website: http://bileyg.com
Mailto:    bileyg@yandex.ru