PyGame В журнале ЛинуксФормат прочитал введение в программироване на python, снабженное руководством по созданию небольшой игры с помощью python-движка pyGame. Оказалось pyGame обладает отличным сайтом, наполненном примерами, шаблонами и документацией. Все это требует детального изучения — активными пользователями наработано действительно много, количественно и качественно. Набор из готовых шаблонов GUI, которые могут стать очень полезными для … Читать далееpygame

‘1989 | RACE OPEN’ Preliminary release 0.30

Preliminary release of my latest project has been published!!! Legendary Formula Easter monoposto Estonia 21M & honorous racing track Nevaring is inside the retro minimalistic Blender game. The programm is fully functionable and has online score — Laptime table realized with amazing python module Tweepy. So you can easily compete with whole world setting your own best time.

This program is minimal version and some things of it stays in «development» stage:

  • Menu is simplest and it’s controlled with keys only now.
  • Manual installation both for Windows & Linux
  • Poor design of starter interface
  • The programm could be downloaded from Google Disk. Here’s the links:

    ‘1989 | RACE OPEN’ 0.30 for Windows

    ‘1989 | Race Open’ 0.30 for Linux

    Game starter interface
    Game starter interface
    Estonia E21M in drift
    Estonia E21M in drift
    Minimal track environs
    Minimal track environs
    Monochrome & red
    Monochrome & red
    A bit retro livery
    A bit retro livery
    Game system indicaters
    Game system indicaters

    Blender notes.

    Render and rasterizer Nice module to work with: Game window/fullscreen, resolution & also modes of game look like on/off GLSL, motion blur, so on. Loading objects Forum link. Status LibLoad The most amazing bge.logic.getBlendFileList(path = «//»)     Returns a list of blend files in the same directory as the open blend … Читать далееBlender notes.

    Skidrules.burning here!

    Skidrules.Burning here!

    Althrough the website was discontionued, the game itself is alive an now it’s presented here. You can PLAY THE WEBVERSION clicking the button placed at the left sidebar. Or you could also download windows version (x32 or x64) for installation to your computer. This way you could get better quality.

    Download standalone version

    To play the game in best quality please download certain version and install it to your desktop. Installation is easy.

    Press the button to start downloading Skidrules.Burning X32
    Press the button to start downloading Skidrules.Burning X64

    Unprocessed screenshots

    I post the bunch of game’s unrocessed screenshots to let you see how the game really looks.


    4th (final) level of the game is Estonia 21M testing on the track inspired by Narva Gate and Kirov’s Square environs of Saint-Petersburg. You could see buildings with real phototextures on its places.


    Estonia is the formula car. She’s behaviour like a stallion. So we could see some skidding after 90 degs curve.


    The cockpit view is available for every vehicle — both karts & formula. Steering wheel and driver’s hands are animated.


    Narva gate, and metro station are quite nice to be the background for my racing game.


    Image displays rental kart Sodi RX-7 on Mayak Karting circuit. The kart was made basing on original Sodi drafts.


    The rental Sodi and the Mayak Karting track pits on backgroung. This location was created in collaboration with the Mayak direction, under license and based on original construction drafts of the track.


    Another Sodi DD2. Semiprofessional kart of RotaxMax Championship. Was made using Sodi drafts and licension.


    Sodi DD2 is 2 speed 30PS machine. Probably is the fastest mean of getting best laptime on short and curvy Mayak.