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Skidrules.burning here!

Skidrules.Burning here! Althrough the skidrules.org website was discontionued, the game itself is alive an now it’s presented here. You can PLAY THE WEBVERSION clicking the button placed at the left sidebar. Or you could...

Nevaring. Reworked objects.

Nevaring taken from RFactor mod «Formula Vostok» is nice, but every object needs to be reworked for my purpose. As I told before I converted the track to .blend file. Now I play with...

AI for racing game.

Article about AI for computer driven opponents in Pure, ATV racing game. Outdated but may be interesting as principles. Press this link to go to source.

Google Drive Python API

https://pypi.python.org/pypi/PyDrive. The another great opportunity to be used in python projects. Probably is the way to create some achievements system.

Nevaring. Processing has started.

The processing of Nevaring has started today. The first stage is to define and separate the road itself. Then I gonna divide the whole track to details by layers to attach individual toon-styled materials...

Open RFactor content in Blender 3d.

Neva Ring or Nevskoye koltso is the legendary track had been inviting a lot of local, federal & international racing events during the Soviet & post-Soviet period. And now I have the model of...

Ресурсы для инди.

хабр. Статья про ресурсы для инди разработчиков. Очень интересно и полезно. Изучаем. DESURA — интернет-магазин инди (и не только) игр. А вот что следует изучить глубже. Ибо indievania скончалась.

Blender 2.73 tests. And new plot.

Today I’ve finished the Blender 2.73 tests implementing toon materials with special 2d filter with fat outlines. Now I can say I’m satisfyed with the picture & probably I will continue to work in...