Distrakt 0.30 First Screenshots

Screenshot from 2014-10-30 10:18:22

Today I’ve updated the camera action & now I can post the first screenshot of Distrakt 0.30. That’s the way the game will look now. I made other cameras except the front bumper camera won’t be available anymore. Also I’ve added the invisible «floor» plane with restart scene actuator to break the game after go off the track. There are some points I should also do:

  • duplicate the «B» camera, name it «C» camera and turn off the keyboard camera position controller from «C»
  • check all the replay cameras of the track to make the replay work correctly with the background
  • add the overlay scenes that will say «start» & «finish» making them in ZX style. I’ve just decided to do so instead of creating the 3d object. To go more 2d
  • Then I shall continue the development of interface and gameplay by changing the scenes and adding the car show screens.