Distrakt [world in a box]

Everybody could make a mistake… Me too. I use to make a lot of mistakes during the gamedev process, because I experiment a lot, and because I don’t want to study other’s errors, preferring to suffer from my ones… It’s a hobby anyway.

[World in a box]

The pic below is the screenshot from [world in a box]. Let’s compare it with the latest Distrakt-ZX screen.
Distrakt [world in a box]

The main difference is not a look but a handling. Creating ZX I focus on graphix and forgot about how car should be handled. And I found the mistake only when I launched old version. The difference was so huge. Main reason is… Camera. Camera affects the feel of car a lot. The only camera type supplying acceptable car feel is free 3rd person camera while in ZX I should use hard parented cam because of static background image.
As the result of that inspection is the decision to decline all ZX ideas and go back to [world in a box]

Back into [Box]

[World in a box] has significant advantages. The main of them is IDEA. And of course it’s the map (location) who’s form is part of idea. Box is the city segment fenced by Skoffin’s world. So we have rather compact square location with a lot of streets and variety of objects forming the environs: bridge with huge round road, canal with embankments, railroads, smaller bridges and a bunch of old industrial and residential buildings. All of the stuff to be supplied with the Distrakt legend. So the decision to go back into box looks natural. I can finalize now that the experiment with inclination towards ZX graphics faults.

[box] tasks.

There are the several tasks to lead the game to release:
1. Make the handling compatible.

Today morning I do several changes for code and for car tuning files. The thing I’ve made was the understeer/oversteer balance. Now the car oversteers under gas and stabilizes itself when no gas. I’ve made it for one «tuning stage» and then I should polish handling for the rest of tuning stages and also the tuning scripts to be updated too.

2. Invent track forming script.

I gotta create kinda checkpoints mechanism. Track protocol to form the track points (it’s the modification of existing track parts script) & add the switcher to form the checkpoints sequence from start to finish.

3. Add at least 3 Distrakt cars.

It’s easy modelling process. Just to create, texturize & install. I have already had 10 sketches. And soon I’ll post ’em here.

4. Add all the buildings to the track.
It’s rather complex and long task & now I don’t know how much time it will take. The aim is to make all the buildings with the highest quality I able to present. Quality depends on textures.

[Box] first release

Will have 4 cars, finished location, 1 route & the mechanism of route creation.