Nostalgia set. Sacred.

Some things happened with us in our childhood continuing affect us diring all the life time. These things are forming our minds, point of view, preferences etc. Sometimes these things are kinda pleasant backgroung of life — they’re really sweet memories. And remembering ’em one could immerse oneself into the atmosphere of nirvanic delight. I have and I love this stuff of my mind.

When I was 5-7 y.o. child I had the set of old Za-Rulyom («behing the steering wheel») journals dated to 1977-1979. The information they had contained wasn’t up-to-date, but it was the only possible source of car information for me these days. And I had been spending a lot of time looking them through & reading some articles. Kinda childish meditation full of enjoy, interest and attemps to know the world of cars. When I was 7 my journals were lost. My parents brang ’em to paper recycling. What I felt in the moment I understood I’d lost my car’s world! It was a tragedy!

Some of pictures are following me all my life. And now I’ve decided to publish the pics most affecting me, most imprinted in my mind. Place #1 is «Jeep Cherokee Chief» shown below. And place #2 is «Renault 5 Turbo» from the article in ZR #3 1979 named «Changes: Fasion or need»

Jeep Cherokee Chief

Renault 5 Turbo

Fiat X1/9

AMC Spirit DP

Fiat 132 Diesel 2500

Porsche 924 Turbo

Mitsubishi Mirage

Toyota Starlet