Blender notes.

Render and rasterizer
Nice module to work with:
Game window/fullscreen, resolution & also modes of game look like on/off GLSL, motion blur, so on.
Loading objects
Forum link.
The most amazing

bge.logic.getBlendFileList(path = «//»)

    Returns a list of blend files in the same directory as the open blend file, or from using the option argument.
    Parameters: path (string) – Optional directory argument, will be expanded (like expandPath) into the full path.
    Returns: A list of filenames, with no directory prefix
    Return type: list

The usage of LibLoad is currently changing my view on game making… Amazing #b3d. That gives the amazing opportunity of having easy b-game modding. How I gonna do that:
1. I create special folder for cars.
2. I place there blend files with cars
3. Each file has the scene with object of car model + properties corresponding the tech chars. 
4. Each file has the scene with pic for car selection menu.
This way I could have any amount of cars I want. Also I could save the memory loading only the pix at beginning. And then load the selected car object only (not all).