Zx racing game notes.

Instead of additional gameplay adding I’ve decided to develop the graphics of Distrakt-ZX. To make it look closer to classic games. For that I’ve posted here some screenshots of the games I love. To base on.

1. Lotus Esprit.
Great city look. White buildings. Shadows as Dot patterns. Light poles, roadsigns, gas station, trottoires. Solid blue skies.
No background, no roadsides needed. But road marks.

2. Crazy cars.
Great background, great handling/gamefeel. Great cars.
Black road, white sides, no road marks. No sky tex.

3. Crazy Cars 2.
Very nice picture is the great update of this sequel. However the car handling
(aswell as dubious perspective view of the car that not mathes the road) is poorer.

4. Testdrive, Toyota.
Perfect cockpit look. Dotted road sides. Black road with roadmark in TD, transparent road without roadmark in Toyota.

Looking on these pixs I’ve formed the strategy on new game look. I’m not satisfied with the result of 3d houses integration I implemented in 0.10. So now let’s jump over the deadway version 0.20 and go straight to 0.30.
I gonna remove all the buildings and other objects and base the game environment on pretty black backgound skies with dotted roadsides and dark grey road. Backstage (horizon) is taken from CrazyCars. The main task for now is to remodel all the road parts & then make the proper connection of flat background with 3d camera.