Mystery of «Ford Ozel Yapim»

Lancia LC1

The mystery of «Ford Ozel Yapim» was solved yesterday with help of magic website Great work. For some reason they add such info as car colors & team sponsors to database. So I’d entered «Ford, Otis, Sari» and got RONDEAU!!!

You could get ’em there: RacingSportCars, Rondeaux

Found the lost Ford. It’s RONDEAUX M382 (powered with Ford Cosworth DFL V8 3955 engine). Searching for it, I’ve found more. It’s the race «1000 km. Spa Trophee Diners Club that was held in 5.9.1982. See the site. The remarkable fact is some other cars were there too, remarkable for me aswell. One of them is Lancia LC1. This car is on my wallpaper now & it’s the previous target of my search because of Turbo. Another… and it was really surprizing is Sauber SHS C6!


This Sauber is part of my treasures of the past. When I was 8 I got the Matchbox scale car as a gift. In Soviet Union it was fantastic to have foreign toy, unreal success — so there’s a reason I’d remembered it». Look here, the condition is compatible to the item I had. Photo taken from LittleWheels museum. So a lot of nostalgy things came to one point — Spa 1000 Diners Club Trophee 1982. Glad I got it finally.

And to illustrate this festival I post the image of the race.